– WikipediaVision – Visualize Wiki Edits

Lkozma.netWikipediaVision is a Google Maps mashup that provides visualtions for where edits to English Wikipedia are taking place. Upon arriving at the site, ou’ll see a world map populated with balloons (looks similar to TwitterVision), which display the title of the article that was just edited, along with the geographical location of the editor and the time the revision was made.

WikipediaVision accomplishes all of this by using IP information from Wikipedia’s public page. Not all revisions are shown due to Wikipedia’s privacy policy, the sheer number of edits made, faulty IP address-to-location conversions, and the number of very similar edits that take place. In Their Own Words

“WikipediaVision is a visualization of edits to the English Wikipedia, almost the same time as they happen. The idea came after seeing flickervision and twittervision, both created by David Troy”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

WikipediaVision could be a useful app for anyone that wants to get an idea or where Wiki edits are coming from. It might also be an interesting way for people to get an idea of what articles are popular and current.

Some Questions About

How many people will actually use this application? It doesn’t even give a great picture of the geographical distribution of Wiki edits, since so many of the editors’ IP addresses are filtered out in the name of oversaturation and faultiness.