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Self-described as “the easiest way to add links and embed content”, Lizzer is one of the many applications that have surfaced recently that aims to make web browsing and the sharing of links a hassle-free endeavor.

Its site is subdivided into three main sections that showcase Lizzer selling points; these go by the names of “Search”, “Review” and “Link”.

The “Search” aspect is self-explanatory, and as it should be expected all major places of interest like Google, YouTube and Flickr are looked through. For its part, the “Review” capabilities of Lizzer enable the user to add content options to an existing profile whenever he desires. Finally, it is possible to add links and embed photographs and videos in an instant way, either by using the provided interface or by cutting and pasting the relevant code – it depends on the site in question.

If this application sounds interesting, you can always try out the provided demo beforehand. If you like it, you can signup for Lizzer anytime on the main page and start using the bookmarklet to customize links and content. In Their Own Words

“The easiest way to add links and embed content.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes web-browsing smoother and link-sharing more accessible.

Some Questions About

Is it free? Which browsers are supported? What are the minimum specs for running it?