– A New Way of Social Shopping

Livra.comNew social consumer site Livra, founded in Buenos Aires, unites web 2.0, social networking, and shopping.

It could be described as a product oriented Facebook, if Facebook’s sole purpose were to help its users gain insight into products and services by way of suggestions, recommendations and surveys. Livra revolves mainly around user picks, which consist primarily either/or and favorite questions, such as vanilla or chocolate, or who’s your favorite American Idol judge. Then you’ve also got a product catalogue compiled by and voted for by Livra members . You can find personal profiles under the ‘People’ section; under ‘Surveys’ there’ are surveys of course, compiled by companies to help assess consumer preferences. Members are sent specific surveys based on their profile information; once completed, they can win prizes. In Their Own Words

“ is an online community of consumers where people write reviews about products, discover new stuff to buy and create and complete online surveys.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Livra puts an innovative spin into social buying. It makes shopping a more social process. As users get to know their fellow Livra members, they are better able to figure out what products and recommendations work best for them.

Some Questions About

Will Livra be able to gain a foothold into the consumer market? Does this work across platforms?