– Share Your Lifestream

Livezuu.comLivezuu has just launched (yet another) social networking aggregator. This German made site is placing its bets on users’ characteristic unstickiness, i.

e. their tendency not to stick with one network, but to flirt with many. With more and more networks out there, and with all of our friends joining several different social sites, it’s hard to keep track of our profiles, let alone those of our pals. Livezuu lets you collect your online lifestream in one place and share it with everyone; they can also easily follow their friends’ activitiess. Users can design their own profile and integrate it on their blogs or social networks. There are also Livezuu widgets available for iGoogle, Netvibes, and Dashboard. In Their Own Words

“liveZuu collects all your social network accounts and combines them to generate a lifeStream about your activities in the web 2.0

Follow your friends‘ activities and never miss new information. Integrate your liveZuu profile into your homepage or any other beloved community. Show the world what you are doing in the web. Or download the liveZuu widgets for iGoogle, Netvibes or Dashboard.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Livezuu has a good concept and so far it looks promising. As most people belong to at least a few social networks/communities, this type of lifestream aggregation service makes things much simpler. Rather than having to update ten profiles, you’ve got just one. Apart from that, the design your own profile bit adds some character to the deal.

Some Questions About

Livezuu has entered a very heavily treaded path. It’s not the first to do this and it’s execution leaves you wanting more. For one, there’s not enough explanatory info on site for curious visitors. It’s hard to figure out what you can do with LiveZuu. And other than a couple widgets, it doesn’t in the end seem to do that much.