– An Online Text Reviver

LiveTyping.comThe title of this review might be a little strange, yet it is the exact truth of it. Let me explain it: LiveTyping is tool whereby you can record what you are typing and show others the way you keyed in any particular message.

This includes any goof ups you made, and the way you corrected them.

Once the recording is done, a code is provided for you paste into your blog or discussion forum and show others that everybody errs every now and then, or to give the ones who visit your blog a more affable experience.

What good is this for? Well, it is not a groundbreaking service. It will not make visitors flock to your site or blog, and it will not go down in the history of communications as a remarkable achievement. It does, however, establish a slight sense of intimacy with those who visit your blog. If you (like me) care about the ones who read what your pen online, you might find some uses for it. But if you are looking into ways of pumping up your traffic figures, look elsewhere. In Their Own Words

“ – revives texts.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can let any blogger add a touch of intimacy to his weblog, and do so at no cost.

Some Questions About

Which languages are actually supported?