search cancel – Find Out What Others Are Making launched LiveSalary is a tool that allows Australian professionals to see what other similarly qualified Australians are earning in their area. The site works by asking Australians to enter their profession, current role and exact job title into a wizard along with the exact salary that they are currently earning.


Once someone has contributed in the aforementioned manner, they are able to search the site to see what others are earning for performing the same task. Over time, the site will become a great tool for analyzing labor and salary trends across the country and it will also serve as a key tool for employees looking to better negotiate their next raise. In Their Own Words

“LiveSalary is a free community-based website where people exchange salary data. The site contains REAL salaries entered by Australian employees FOR Australian employees. Help maximise the richness of this data by contributing today and please return in the near future to see how salaries in your area of expertise change over time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a great idea and it should become a very useful source as more and more salaries are added. Since you have to enter your own salary before you can search for others, they’ve built in an effective tool for ensuring that the database grows and grows.

Some Questions About

Are they going to be offering a similar service to the rest of the world? It wouldn’t appear to be too much of a stretch for them to build in worldwide support. This feature would make LiveSalary an even more effective and interesting tool for analyzing salary trends worldwide.

Author : Caroline Bright

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