– Centralize All Your Social Activity

LiveGO.comThere is no person who uses only one social service. Even my non-techie friends have multiple accounts all over the Social Web. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… And all of them use an IM application of one kind or the other, too.

The obvious consequence of all this is that people can often lose track of what they have said, and to whom. Of course, social interactions have their very own set of rules. If you claim that you have forgotten something you said to someone over IM, then that is acceptable. Had it been a face to face, you would never get away with it that easily.

Still, it is frustrating to forget about these things that you have said (and even done). The only way to get around that problem is getting a tool like LiveGO. It is an application that can basically bring all your (disparate) social activity together, and make it surmountable at a simple glance. And (what is even better), it enables you to post stuff to all the supported social sites at once. If even that fails to simplify your digital life, then I think you are overexerting yourself. In Their Own Words

LiveGO is an all-in-one solution enabling Internet users to stay connected to their social networks as Facebook and Twitter accounts, InstantMessengers as MSN Messenger, Yahoo and Gtalk, and email accounts as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo!.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can let anybody lead a much easier digital life for sure. Facebook, Twitter, MSN… it all becomes accessible under the same roof.

Some Questions About

How does this compare to sites that do basically something very similar? Which is sturdier?