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LiveEdit.comYour photos often don’t turn out exactly as you expected or would have wanted; however, there’s plenty of software out there that will fix up any blotched photo. LiveEdit is just such an application; it had previously been geared towards professionals in photography and advertising, but has now been opened to the public.


As such, it’s got a slick, high quality interface. LiveEdit claims to save money, time and labour. It streamlines photographic image workflow, saving photographers and professionals precious time across the entire process. Both clients and photographers may access to shoots simultaneously. Images may also be marked up for later retouching and editing, shared and stored in customized lightboxes, and archived. The LiveEdit interface can be customized with your own logos, borders, footers etc. Users can even load LiveEdit on to their iPhones and get their work done while on the go. Pricing starts at $395 a year; there is a free 15 day trial version available. In Their Own Words

“LiveEdit saves time, labor and cost. Impress your clients. Finally a web-based program that can consolidate all your workflow needs. LiveEdit is a premier online presentation tool for today’s photographer. Organize your digital files, give your clients instant access to your shoots, edit and mark-up your pictures, archive, share or sell your images – all in one application.

LiveEdit is secure, easy to use and customizable.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is an extremely well designed photographic editing tool; it’s geared for professional use, so the interface is slick and sleek, and it’s featured packed. Professionals will love it. Proctor and Gamble, L’oreal, and InStyle all use it.

Some Questions About

Will there be a simplified version for amateur photographers? Will we see more integration with other apps?

Author : Siri Marshall

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