search cancel – Social Networking for Irish Expats is supposed to be a social networking site for ex-pats (Irish citizens living abroad) or lovers of Ireland.


Available in French and English, the site operates similar to most other social networking sites….they post videos, profiles, events, polls, blogs and information about living abroad. They also have a weekly email newsletter. The design and layout were not that professional, and there was not a lot of Irish-themed content. The videos (prominently displayed over most of the page) were random and totally unrelated to Ireland. I like the idea of this site, but the execution is lacking. Where is all the Irish charm and culture? In Their Own Words

“Connect yourself to our Irish Network. Meet people with common interests and participate to the development of active local communities. Get back to your roots with your fellow mates from the Guiness country. There’s nothing like home. “

Why It Might Be A Killer

Niche social networking sites continue to flourish, and with good reason. When there is a more limited focus and purpose to the site, it makes them easier to manage and navigate. But, see my questions about the effectiveness of this particular site.

Some Questions About

Where is the fun and spirited Irish vibe on this site? Why is it a “.tv.”? Who created this site and what is its real purpose, because it doesn’t seem to have real Irish roots or purpose. The idea of the site is great, but it lacks heart or soul.

Author : Fred Inman

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