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ListnPlay.comNobody would say that ListnPlay is the definitive platform for watching music videos online, but it surely offers a less cluttered experience than YouTube, and it’s free from these ads that have made VEVO one of the most reviled video portals since the dawn of time. ListnPlay takes searching and playing music videos to its most elementary level, providing users with a streamlined interface for looking clips up, and having them played right on their browsers.


Granted, this interface might come across as a little too simplistic, and the overall design of ListnPlay is a little pedestrian, but it all goes with keeping with the overall aim of the site of letting people find videos quick, and have them played even quicker.

And in any case, the one feature most people would look for (that of being able to share what they’re watching with friends) is right in place. Users of ListnPlay are allowed to create playlists, and bring all these videos that have any kind of poignancy together. This feature is available only to those who sign up for a account, but since that can be done for free then I don’t think that would be too much of a problem. In Their Own Words

Makes online music & videos simple.

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How many videos can a single playlist hold?

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