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ListMint.comAggregators are surely popular. That is the only thing I can think about when faced with a site like ListMint, as it replicates the formula that has made Digg popular to a hilt.


You can submit you own news and have them ranked up and down by those who are regular users of the site and by passer bys alike. The site has the mandatory roll of categories related to the world of entertainment, business and technology, whereas both published news and upcoming news have their own space.

You might wonder what good something like this is by now, when the epicenter of aggregation lies with something like Digg. If you think about it, you will quickly figure out that is where the problem lies to many – they claim Digg has become unapproachable, and that being featured on the main page is impossible. As such, alternatives like ListMint are bound to keep coming along. Obviously, as long as they replicate the formula so blatantly (Like ListMint does) they are not going to get anywhere near the top. And that is not something hard to discern. Come up with some new features if you want notoriety – doing the same that you rival does will not yield good results when your rival is already an established giant. In Their Own Words

“Access anywhere, share everywhere.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be suitable if you are looking into alternatives to Digg, even when it is too derivative to cause a lasting impression.

Some Questions About

Will some distinctive features be added sometime soon?

Author : Roger Hollings

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