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ListFav.comListFav is a new social networking site. Here, people socialize around one thing: lists detailing these things that they love. Love action movies which are set in the future and want to know more people like you? Hate these Hollywood studios that ruin Japanese animated series by creating live-action atrocities like the Dragon Ball movie? Are you keen on finding people who choose 60s music over what is being played on contemporary radio stations?


Well, in all these cases you can proceed to create a list detailing your exact likes (or dislikes), and have it shared on this site. Other people will then get to know more about you through such a list, and you will then become able to start seeing what else you have got in common. Bit by bit, you will get to know more and more people based exactly on what speaks the most to you.

So there you go. An easy, enjoyable and (best of all) inexpensive way to make new acquaintances. In Their Own Words

Best of lists.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very direct and enjoyable way to make new friends.

Some Questions About

Can you create a list with just any old thing that comes to your mind?

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