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Listen-and-Write.comListen-and-write is an online tool that allows you to practice your listening skills by listening to audio and transcribing it. You can upload your own audio, or choose from a pre-populated listed of audio files.


Once you’ve chosen an audio file, simply click on “play” and then start typing out what you hear. If you type something incorrectly, you will not be able to proceed with the transcription. Once you’ve registered you can keep track of your transcriptions and see whether you are improving your skills or not. The audio files already on the site are graded making it easy for English speakers of any level to pick the right level of difficulty. In Their Own Words

“Do the dictation yourself.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Since this site does not allow you to save your transcriptions and export them to a word processing program, it can’t be used by professional transcribers. It could however, become a popular tool for teachers and students of English as a Second Language since it is a great way of practicing listening skills.

Some Questions About

Have they considered allowing you to export the transcriptions you’ve made? That functionality would allow them to expand their user base outside of the ESL space.

Author : Caroline Bright

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