List of Innovative Missouri Start-ups

List of Innovative Missouri Startups


The state of Missouri has emerged as a center for innovation in recent years. From St. Louis to Kansas City, start-ups are popping up everywhere in the show-me state. From technology to healthcare, numerous Missouri start-ups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. In this blog post, we will explore the top start-ups in Missouri in 2023.

Endevica Bio

 Firstly, Endevica Bio, formerly known as Tensive Controls, is a company developing peptide drug candidates. The firm has raised $10m in series B funding. Moreover, funds will be used to continue the development of TCMBO7, a melanocortin‐3/4 antagonist peptide candidate designed to treat cachexia. Diseases like cancer and renal failure cause this wasting disease. It leads to extreme weight loss, muscle atrophy, and loss of appetite.

Additionally, the company uses a patented technology platform to modify peptides to create the drug. Endevica Bio uses custom peptide compounds to treat cachexia, an alternative to traditional medications which are often ineffective. Also, TCMCB07 controls brain melanocortin system activity and ameliorates cachexia without side effects. Dr. Ken Gruber founded the company, which relocated to the MU Life Sciences Incubator for research facilities.


Secondly, Intramotev, founded in 2020, seeks to bring independent and autonomous thinking back to the rail network to revolutionize the transportation industry. The startup aims to address the problem of freight being stuck on roads and the resulting carbon emissions by shifting $10.3 trillion of goods from roads to the rails, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability.

Moreover, the Missouri start-up company plans to achieve this by deploying a fleet of TugVolt self-propelled battery-electric railcars that can move independently, enhancing efficiency and reducing delays in the transportation of goods. Intramotev is based in St. Louis and plans to expand rapidly to the existing network of 140,000 miles of the existing track. Also, it has the potential to revolutionize the transportation industry and play a crucial role in the economic growth of the country.


CuriMeta is a startup founded in 2020 that provides researchers with health data to develop life-saving cures. Additionally, it is a health-system-affiliated real-world data platform company that curates, transforms, and exchanges health data in compliance with privacy protection standards. The company aims to unlock the full complexities of disease and the impact of health-related interventions by providing comprehensive insights and evidence derived from advanced real-world health data platforms.

Markedly, CuriMeta believes that such insights are a foundation for healthcare research and innovation. The company is committed to being a trusted strategic partner. It is dedicated to propelling promising science forward, investing in people and technology to ensure the highest research and privacy, security, and quality standards.


TripleBlind, founded in 2019, is a company that offers a scalable solution for privacy-enhancing computation with a focus on healthcare and financial services. Their software-only solution, delivered via a simple API, uses principles. This includes federated learning and multi-party computing, supporting all cloud platforms and data and algorithm types. The Missouri start-up With investors like Accenture, General Catalyst, and the Mayo Clinic behind it, TripleBlind has solved over two dozen of the most pressing issues facing modern businesses.

The company’s innovations allow for faster processing and true scalability. At the same time, it preserves privacy and ensures compliance with data privacy and data residency standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR. TripleBlind’s solutions are an improvement over existing methods of privacy-preserving technology, such as homomorphic encryption, synthetic data, and tokenization.

Rural 1st

Missouri-based startup Rural First provides high-accuracy GPS tracking. This includes fleet management solutions for first responders, with a particular focus on rural areas. Following the death of his mother, whose emergency responders were unable to find her home, founder Robb Woolsey sought to improve the accuracy of mapping in rural areas, eventually founding Rural First in 2013.

Additionally, the company’s software allows first responders and commercial drivers to see the location and status of all their vehicles, with different colors indicating different activities. The company aims to map all rural areas in the US and shift its focus to Central and South America.

Digital Sandbox

Lastly, launched in February 2013, digital Sandbox KC is a testing environment for new technologies. It aimed to help early-stage companies and entrepreneurs move toward commercialization. Funded by an i6 Challenge grant from the Economic Development Agency of the US Commerce Department, the mission of Digital Sandbox is to promote business and job growth in the region by accelerating the commercialization of new ideas.

In addition, Digital Sandbox helps with approaching technology, business, and market experts, and funding for primitive market acceptance, paradigm, and beta testing services. The program provides project development funding of up to $25,000 in grants per company’s project every quarter. To date, the Missouri start-up Digital Sandbox has worked with over 400 entrepreneurs. Also, they have secured over $38m in follow-on funding.


In Conclusion, Missouri continues to attract entrepreneurs and investors with its favorable business climate and access to resources. Also, the start-ups highlighted in this post are just a few examples of the state’s thriving innovation ecosystem. Missouri’s economy continues to grow and evolve. It’s exciting to see what the future holds for these businesses and the impact they will have on the world.


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