Create Beautiful Digital Publications With LiquidBlox


If you’re not a designer, creating something beautiful for the internet is close to impossible. Heck, even if you are a designer it can be really hard to create something beautiful for the internet! And yet, the internet is primarily a visual place, which means that beauty is very, very important. So what’s your average, non-designer startup founder to do?


Well, they could turn to LiquidBlox, a new site that helps people create beautiful, responsive publications online. Currently in private beta, LiquidBlox lets users create brochures, catalog and magazines even if they don’t have any experience coding or designing. Every publication is responsive across multiple devices, social media friendly, Google-friendly, connected to Google Analytics, and 100% embeddable.



With their intuitive formatting and design, making a beautiful online publication has never been easier  — and it’s also totally affordable.


LiquidBlox starts with a free package that gives users a unlimited number of publications with a limit of three pages per publication, a maximum total of 30 pages, and a publication embed snippet. Free users will also have LiquidBlox branding on their publication. On the other end of the spectrum, for only $35 a month, users can opt for the “Business” package, which comes with unlimited publications and pages, “domain connect,” Google Analytics, automatic library, no LiquidBlox branding, multi-user support, and a publication embed snippet. There’s also a middle option, for those users who maybe don’t need the full shebang but still are interested in creating beautiful media.


LiquidBlox will be a great option both for people interested in creating beautiful media and startup founders who want to make sure that the content they’re producing is as lovely as it can possibly be. So start dreaming! What could you use LiquidBlox for? And while you’re thinking, head on over to their site and sign up to be a part of their private beta.


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