– Learn Languages Via VoIP

Linkua.comIt is a common fact that if you are learning a language, talking on the phone is a difficult and dreaded step. Linkua asks: why not avoid that hurdle and learn the entire language via telephone? Linkua (which is a combination of “link” and “lingua,” Latin for language) believes there are ten advantages to studying a language on the phone, including less dependence on non verbal communication, more flexibility with scheduling, and a more relaxed atmosphere.

The website brings together teachers and students from all over the world, who are free to set their own prices, meeting times, and pedagogy. In keeping with technological trends, Skype is the preferred form of communication. In Their Own Words

“Linkua is a meeting point for people interested in teaching and learning languages. As a student you find language teachers from all around the world and learn from them from the comfort of your home. As a teacher you’ll be able to connect with students and can teach them from home, with total flexibility.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Linkua gives students and teachers one-on-one time, but is far more flexible and often less expensive than traditional face-to-face tutoring sessions, and much more tailored than computer programs. Plus, Linkua facilitates the study of more “obscure” languages by using the internet as their forum of choice; if you live in rural Kansas and have a burning desire to study Urdu, Linkua is a great way to study directly with someone in Pakistan.

Some Questions About

How does the site deal with scams? If a teacher doesn’t show up for a meeting, or a student says that they didn’t, what safeguards are in place to deal with monetary disputes?