– Create A Link Building Network

Linktive.comLooking for ways in which you could grow your business? This service might just as well be what you need. Essentially, it will enable you to create something akin to an intelligent link building network.

The term “intelligent” refers to the fact that once you have created your own account the system will take care of searching businesses that could complement yours, and take care of recommendations both ways – you will be introduced to others in the same way that others will be introduced to you and what you do.

Creating an account is taken care of really quickly, and once that has been dealt with all you have to do is register your sites. Upon doing so you will also be asked which pages you want to employ for the displaying of links. You will also have to create a widget and insert it into your website for the system to be fully functional.

At the end of the day, it is not inaccurate to name this service a link building relationship manager. That is, it will let you worry about your site and its content while the linking up with related sites is dealt with automatically and accurately. And that prospect alone will be appealing to many without a shadow of a doubt. In Their Own Words

“Linktive takes the legwork out of searching for sites to link with. We’ll send you link recommendations for businesses that compliment yours, and at the same time, recommend your site to others. You may preview and submit requests for link exchanges at any time, keeping total control over your link network.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones keen on promoting their sites will find it interesting as it automates the process of finding related websites to build bonds with considerably.

Some Questions About

How much control can you have over the matching process if you want?