– Short URL Cloaking

LinkSlash.comLinkSlash is a short URL cloaking service. Its main purpose is to hide affiliate links from site visitors along with ‘buy it now’ URLs as well as to make forum posting easier.

LinkSlash also makes it easier to track visitors via IPs, geo-data and referring pages. Links can be password protected and URLs can be set for temporary status while old ones may be deleted. It’s a multifunction tool. You can start shortening your urls simply by typing in your old long one and hit the short button. From there, if you register, you can edit and delete your urls. LinkSlash is completely free to use. In Their Own Words

“Short URL service’s main purpose is to ease forum posting or to hide your affiliate links from your site’s visitors.

This site provides you easy-to-use yet very powerful interface with custom tags, bulk URL submission, password-protected links, both IP- and password-based authorization, links editing and statistics include IPs and sources of your visitors.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a practical and easy to use service. For site owners who don’t want their commissions stolen by redirection or short circuiting sales, LinkSlash is perfect. It cloaks affiliate urls so that you won’t lose your affiliate commissions. And it’s simple to implement.

Some Questions About

How well does this work? Business model?