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Linkpatch.comLinkpatch is a service that monitors your website’s error pages, reporting broken links and images via e-mail. Unlike typical broken link checkers, Linkpatch not only reports broken links on your site, but also from external sites that have misspelled or out-of-date links to your site.


Installing Linkpatch is as simple as copy/pasting a small Javascript snippet to the bottom of your website’s custom error page(s). Once the script is tracking, it will send you detailed information about how and why users were sent to the error page, so you can correct any possible problems.

If you have a site of your own, you know that every second it is down means much more than some lost income- it means that visitors can grow disenchanted with it, and start keeping their distance. I advice you to wend your way to and learn more about pricing and sign up considerations, and also to take the featured tour if you are so inclined. In Their Own Words

“Linkpatch reports broken links and images on your site, and provides all the information you need to fix them quickly.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The service offers a double monitoring service (your site, and other sites in relation to yours), and as such it can let any webmaster ensure that things are headed where they should.

Some Questions About

How much does this service retail for?

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