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LinkedInABox.comSelf-defined as “a simple widget that can be embedded on any web page and provide a summary of your personal profile as presented in your LinkedIn account”, LinkedInABox is there to ensure that the true potential that a LinkedIn profile has is unleashed efficiently.


Using LinkedInABox is actually quite simple.

All you have to do is provide your LinkedIn e-mail and password and set down a name for your box. Then, you have to select the attributes that you want to be displayed. These include your summary, experience, skills and also your public profile.

When creating your box, it is also possible to customize its appearance by choosing its color theme and entering an image URL to be used as background.

When all is said and done, LinkedInABox is a nice service that it is not only rendered free of charge, but it is also very easy to get to grips with and use. Station your web browser at in the event you need further information. In Their Own Words

“LinkedInABox™ is a simple widget that can be embedded on any web page and provides a summary of your personal profile, as presented in your LinkedIn account.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will help you connect with others in a more effective manner.

Some Questions About

What features are planned for future updates?

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