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LinkedIn Startups on the Rise

LinkedIn serves as a great tool for business people to make connections. Likewise, it’s absolutely vital for those getting invested in a startup. Moreover, they can learn from colleagues, veterans, and others in the business world. So, what does this mean when it comes to the recommendations for LinkedIn startups?


Fortunately, you’re in luck. Every year, a list of top LinkedIn startups comes together, showcasing the best up-and-coming businesses for the year. So, let’s look back at the top 50 LinkedIn startups still stealing the show today!

Top 50 LinkedIn Startups to Watch – 50-41

The SpringHill Company – Los Angeles – a film production company founded by Maverick Carter and NBA superstar LeBron James

OneTrust – Atlanta – this startup assists corporations and businesses alike with establishing trust.

Jerry – Palo Alto – looking to save money on car insurance? This company can help car owners out!

Flowcode – New York City – those looking to create Quick Response codes for their businesses would be wise to check out Flowcode.

Innovaccer – San Francisco – despite the quirky name, this awesome startup is all about curating health insurance for other businesses.

Relativity Space – Long Beach – need to put together a privatized rocket? Relativity Space will help you reach for the stars.

Superhuman – San Francisco – boost your business email to the next level with some help from Superman employees!

Papa & Barkley – Eureka – wellness and lifestyle are achievable with the help of CBD or cannabinoids, and this company shows you how.

ClickUp – San Diego – helps workers with productivity through a number of resources built within a custom app.

Gemini – New York City – assists business types with buying, selling, and storing digital assets with convenience.

Top Startups 40-31

Rubrik – Palo Alto – an ideal startup that assists with storage solutions within the cloud.

Catalyst Software – New York City – Need data to assist you with telling how certain clients are performing? If so, this one-stop shop is for you.

Getaway – Brooklyn – those of you seeking a modern cabin rental on your next trip should seek out Getaway before your getaway.

Lyra Health – Burlingame – a company specializing in online mental health counseling, ideal for those that need it.

Dutchie – Bend – looking to get into the cannabis business where it’s legal? If so, Dutchie will help create an online e-commerce shop.

Boom Supersonic – Denver – take flight with Boom as they provide high-speed airliners to get consumers to destinations quickly and conveniently.

Nuro – Mountain View – stepping into the future of self-driving pod-like cars, Nuro is a key startup in the field of robotics.

Neuralink – San Francisco – Elon Musk’s innovative startup is all about developing brain technology for communication pathways, in the name of medical science.

Hawke Media – Santa Monica – those seeking a top-notch marketing consultancy should turn to Hawke Media for all their needs.

Hinge Health – San Francisco – this digital health clinic specializes in the fields of virtual physical therapy, applying motion-sensing tools, and much more.

Top Startups 30-21

Outdoor Voices – Austin – want to get a fit new start in life? Outdoor Voices provides consumers with comfortable fitness and outdoor wear.

Scale AI – San Francisco – need to learn more with your machine learning team? Scale AI has the advance tools to move the process forward.

BlockFi – Jersey City – helps clients with purchasing, selling and even earning different types of cryptocurrency, along with consulting.

Ro – New York City – simple name, but Ro has a much more advanced startup game with its virtual primary care services!

Ritual – Culver City – prefer something along the lines of multivitamin care? Ritual can help set up supplements and so much more.

Drift – Boston – seeking better tools with digital purchases? If so, Drift can help with its advanced marketing platforms.

Overtime – Brooklyn –an ideal news startup across various social platforms, including TikTok and YouTube.

Guild Education – Denver – an ideal educational startup that provides specialized tools to help employees learn faster.

Medable – Palo Alto – speeds up the process of helping patients with virtual therapy.

MasterClass – San Francisco – offers a variety of courses to help students online, via an innovative – and affordable – platform.

Top Startups 20-11

GitLab – San Francisco – software delivery is quite tricky, but with GitLab, it’s more of a cinch, thanks to its state-of-the-art tech.

Ramp – New York City – need help with expense management and finding ways to save money with credit cards? Time to Ramp up!

Therabody – Los Angeles – the creators of the Theragun, an innovative physical therapy technology that helps soothe muscles.

Cameo – Chicago – connects fans to celebrities through pre-recorded (and also mostly inexpensive) video messages.

Verkada – San Mateo – creatively combines together hardware and software to create the ultimate security system service.

Samsara – San Francisco – this startup innovates with cloud usage to help increase productivity across a number of businesses.

Daily Harvest – New York City – offers a wide variety of plant-based food for instant delivery. Also, it is available in various areas.

Songtradr – Los Angeles – there’s no shortage of great music here, as Songtradr acts as one of the most accessible music licensing marketplaces online.

Gravy – Alpharetta – provides tools to help businesses with connecting with consumers that may have missed payments.

Brooklinen – Brooklyn – cleverly named, Brooklinen is all about providing top-quality pillows and sheets to consumers.

And Finally, the Top LinkedIn Startups – 10-1

MikMak – New York City – assists consumers across both eCommerce and insights, thanks to a strong digital platform.

Outreach – Seattle – companies in need of a sales boost can turn to this specialized direct business platform.

Youth To the People – Los Angeles – an excellent startup providing products made from superfood items while helping the planet in a number of ways.

Attentive – New York City – assists consumers in eCommerce with the help of a unique text message system.

Clubhouse – San Francisco – this voice-based app found its calling (literally) during the pandemic, and continues to be popular today.

Brex – Salt Lake City and Vancouver – serves as a good starting point for businesses, thanks to business accounts, credit card set-up, and more.

Discord – San Francisco – a chat application that specializes in connecting people within the gaming world, as well as other geeky venues.

Glossier – New York City – specializes in makeup and skin-based products. Likewise, it helps consumers feel more beautiful, and a little bit younger.

Gong – San Francisco – this startup creates software to help keep a closer eye on businesses, particularly transactions, expenditures and more.

Better – New York City – clearly Better is best, thanks to its home buying techniques, perfect in this time of inflation needs.

Final Thoughts

These startups make an excellent list. But, many excellent startups exist beyond these 50. So, keep an eye out in your region for local startups. Perhaps you’ll find a company you never heard of. You could also consider starting one yourself and see if you make LinkedIn’s list in the future!

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