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LingoMatch.comIf you are learning a language, there is absolutely nothing that could beat spending some time with a native speaker. Just 15 minutes with such an individual surpasses 4 hours listening to tapes.

Talking with a native speaker entails much more than simply listening to his accent. Any conversation is characterized by gestures and expressions that a tape or a video could never hope to convey. It is only when you are face to face with an individual that you do notice these.

If you agree with that, and the one thing preventing you from talking with native speakers is that you don’t know where to look for them then this site will be perfect. Named LingoMatch, it is an online language exchange service that connects local language learners to real native speakers who are located in their own local community.

Finding these individuals is something very simple since you can execute refined searches from the main page, specifying which languages the other person speaks and which ones he wants to learn. Likewise, you can have only listings that include an ad displayed. So, the chances of finding a really suitable match are increased even more. In Their Own Words

“At, you can find a local language swap in London for language exchange, language conversation or simply to share the cultural joys of this amazing city. Whether you’re learning Spanish, French or even Arabic, there’s probably a native speaker in your local London area who’s trying to learn your language and would love the opportunity for a language swap.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

If we think about it, mostly everybody we know is learning a language and could use a hand. This service makes the whole process a more enjoyable one since you can find people who are perfectly suited to your own needs.

Some Questions About

Is the site open to people who speak any language whatsoever?