search cancel – Learn New Languages is the site where you can find the application of the same name. To tell you the truth, Lingibli is that little but big headed green guy you will see on the homepage. This funny character represents a tool for learning a language in a basic way, with the most essential phrases, sentences or words to get around just fine.

The main idea of Lingibli (in this case the company and not the green guy) is that in most cases, learning a language is started by the hardest way and not the simplest. This does not motivate whoever wants or needs to learn the new language.

How does it work, after all? Quite simply, you choose from which language you need to learn the new one.
For example, English to Spanish. A link to download a PDF file is included on the homepage, which you should open and print. What you’ll be printing there is a spreadsheet with the most common words and a QR code corresponding to each one. You just need to cut out those small squares and tag the corresponding objects in your house with them. A piece of tape will do to label your bed, your lamp, the TV, and the rest of the words in the sheet. When going around with your mobile device and have it scan the QR codes, the app will read it for you so that you can also learn the pronunciation.

Thus, Lingibli works at more than one level, not staying only on the spelling but also giving you the pronunciation of a word. According to, 50 % of any conversation is based on 100 words, which are the ones they provide in the app. This will be enough to get going on a new language, and the motivation you will feel by being able to communicate will encourage you to go ahead and learn even more. That’s Lingibli’s philosophy.

Other features include five sentences for each word, so that you can get an idea of how a certain word is used, useful phrases sorted by topic, and even a game to play with small children for learning new words.

For the time being, Lingibli is developed for Android software or iPhone, but they don’t discard issuing versions for Windows phone, Blackberry or other devices. You should check often to discover when this happens. In Their Own Words

Start learning a new language just by walking around your home or office

Some Questions About

Some version for computer is planned or will they only stick with mobiles?


Author : Charly Zaks

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