KillerStartups Health Resourse Health ResourseInterested in yoga? Want to live a healthier life? What to improve your life style?This is the place you are lookinbg for. In this site you can get fresh ideas, videos and articles on how to live a greener, healthier, more balanced life.

Topics are range from natural and organic recipes to global warning. Plus, if you have mobile web capability in your mobile phone you can enter the custom mobile website made with selected info -the best of directly from your mobile. Getting this service is very easy just launch your mobile web browser, enter into the search box, select a category (i.e. Balance, Fitness, Planet, etc.), chose a headline and that’s it. In addition you are able to see health, yoga, meditation, food and more videos for free. Finally, lime radio is available on Sirius Channel 114 and subscribers can listen live on Overall, the site is very complete and appealing.

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