– A Perfec Time Waster

LikeVid.comAs if the online video market weren’t already terrifically gorged, LikeVid has come along offering even more video visuals for your viewing pleasure. The site features 406+ channels which are neatly organized by type i.

e. news, business, music, movies, educational and so on. From there you’ll find individual channels ranging from Al Jazeera and the Beeb sports to the QVC and RaceWorld. Depending on the channel, you may need Quicktime; some videos open in another window. Videos that are live are marked with an L. You’ll find a listing of the top ten most popular channels, as well as newest additions on the side panel. There are also selections from the time internet video sites like YouTube and DailyMotion. In Their Own Words

“Do you like videos? LikeVid is a free multimedia portal where you can watch hundreds of online TV channels, check out the newest videos on the internet… No special software, hardware or subscription service is needed. To watch a TV channel simply click on desired genre in a menu and select a desired channel. Enjoy!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

LikeVid has quite the selection of internet videos. The site’s sheer variety and selection are sure to draw in visitors.

Some Questions About

Is another video site necessary? How will it attract viewers? Will they redesign the website?