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LIFEtrophys.comGetting fit, learning a new language, saving money for a trip you’ve wanted to make your whole life… It doesn’t matter what you want to do, things are always easier if you’ve got your friends around. And if you can compete with them in a good-natured way, then you’re sure to get to where you want to end up much faster. certainly brings that to mind. It’s a site that lets you compete with all the people in your life, and earn rewards for completing tasks before they do. These tasks can be everything from traveling to Europe and getting a job at any company you all dream of working at, to getting married and having kids. The site leaves no kind of life challenge out. So, people with completely different concepts of what makes a life “exciting” can use this site, and enjoy it as intended.


Registration to LIFEtrophys costs nothing, and once you’ve created an account you’ll get a neat profile where all your points, rewards and achievements will go. And (something that’s very important) only the people you want to see all that information will get to see it. In Their Own Words

Earn trophies to level up by completing tasks through everyday life.

Some Questions About

What kind of challenges have proven to be more popular so far? How long is it taking people to complete them?

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