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Lifestream.fmSometimes life gets too busy to post in your blog or communicate with your friends. Lifestream.


fm gives your friends a way to see what you have been doing online. is an aggregator that shows your friends what you have been doing by updating in real time all of your activities on a vast array of applications including: Flickr, Twitter, Last.FM, Digg,, YouTube, Xbox Love, and of course the LifeStream blog. If you add photos on Flickr your friends can go to click on your profile and see the photos you added. If you post a message on Twitter will feature your message along with the time you posted it at. Besides updating your friends, you can make friends at and see what they are up to. Your online life is listed at In Their Own Words

“ is a media and services aggregator that will keep you and your friends informed about what you do online at a glance and realtime.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a colorful and attractive interface. You can easily find your way around the site and find users. Aggregators are a great way to see what your friends have been doing and keep up with new events in their lives. The search feature is useful if you are trying to find a particular friend. is a great way to also make new friends; you can browse through the users and find common interests.

Some Questions About

There are similar applications that aggregate your online activity. How will deal with competition? Although is self explanatory, a brief FAQ section could be useful to visitors who are unfamiliar with aggregator sites.

Author : Charly Zaks

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