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Lifesaver is a service that connects families with quality caregivers for seniors and that rewards caregivers fairly for their work.


As the parent of a nine-month-old, having recently needed to find a nanny, I’m well aware that finding the right people to take care of your family is an agonizing process. My son was in a daycare, which we needed to pull him from. The logic behind the decision was pretty straightforward: too many kids, too few staff, not enough attention given to each child… unacceptable worries. We were lucky to find someone we could trust and afford.


Caring for our parents puts us in a similar position. Our busy lives dictate that we can’t care for our loved ones all day on our own, yet individual care is often outrageously expensive. So the majority of people must turn to care centers for help, always a dissatisfying solution. No one wants to – or should have to – settle for anything less than best care for their family.


Lifesaver looks to put personal attention back on the table. The service uses technology to simplify and improve the matching process, connecting caregivers and care seekers.


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Caregivers are selected to join the platform based on a proprietary personality test and rigorous screening process, so families rest assured that their loved ones receive excellent care.


Lifesaver also keeps costs down so that families can afford to have their elders cared for with the attention that they deserve – attention that is vital when it comes to administering medication, moving fragile bodies, dealing with the immense psychological and physical pressures that come with aging.


What’s more, Lifesaver relies on a mobile app to make it easier for all involved to manage care and communicate clearly. At the same time, Lifesaver sees that caregivers receive compensation at an average rate of $20 per hour, thanks to omitting the traditional home care agencies and care centers from the picture.


Putting a price tag on care for seniors is an unsavory thought. Their happiness and comfort are priceless, after all. And from what I know from my grandmother and others I’ve talked to, so too is the experience of staying home at the end of our days. Lifesavers’ formula spares families the terrible burden of deciding how to care for one another and restores attention where it belongs – loving our seniors and seeing them cared for properly.


Thanks to a remarkable woman, my grandmother enjoyed live-in care and the familiarity of her house until her death. She also enjoyed the company of her caregiver, who was both skilled at attending to her needs and a good personality match. She died with her dignity intact, the family’s loss softened by knowing she’d been content and by not having had to make heartbreaking decisions to care for her otherwise. That’s about all that any of us could ask for.


Everyone benefited from my grandmother receiving personal, professional and compassionate care – exactly the kind of care we can hope that Lifesaver will make possible for more families.


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