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Lifecrowd.comThere’s ways and ways to pick up new skills. Some people choose to read magazines and books about what they want to learn from front to back. And others (the more adventuresome kind) could think of nothing better than going out and doing it. To them, it matters very little how many knocks they must take. These knocks are what make everything worthy in the end. And I don’t which side you’re on, but even if you like to go through things in an academic way you’ll agree that having more people to do it with you never goes amiss. And that’s precisely what you can get on This new site lets you be matched with people who want to do the same things you want to do. By creating a listing and explaining both what you have in mind and when you want to do it, you’ll be inviting everybody else in town to join you.

Listings on LifeCrowd can deal with pretty much everything. You can invite people to go climbing or hiking with you, and you can also arrange to meet up with others and play a pool tournament close to where you live. All kinds of skills can be perfected on this site. And you should take that literally – skills like learning to count cards when you’re drunk are listed on the homepage…

And a site like this one also lets you book locals to act as tour guides. People who have lived somewhere since they were born and who have a lot of time on their hands can be contacted on In Their Own Words

Find new activities to do with cool people.

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What kind of activities can and can’t be posted on the site? Who keeps an eye on that?