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Libsyn.comIs your iPod overruled by podcasts, but you have few music files? Are you a sucker for independent podcasts? Then Libsyn is just the site for you. This site allows you to join the podcasting community in order to upload your own podcast and be heard, and also even viewed, all around the world, or just downloading casts from other users and be a regular viewer of their shows.

You can freely browse the site’s content, although you can not hear or view them, so, if you decide to be a part of the community, there’s a paid membership you need to register to. There are different fees according to how much monthly storage you will want and how often do you want to pay. The site offers the potential user a fake username and password in order to try out the service before actually purchasing it. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to the revolution. Podcasting is a means to publish audio and video content to the world via the Internet. Audiences are able to subscribe to their favorite shows and automatically receive the latest episodes in iTunes or similar client. Creating a podcast of your own is almost as easy as listening to one. Grab a mic, record an MP3, get on your soapbox, and let us take it from there!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Podcast today are almost as popular as the music people hear with their iPods, and the amount of people with iPods increase by the day; so the potential audience for this site may be of astronomical proportions. This site may be the next big thing in podcasting, because they offer large amounts of topics, with constant updates on the episodes available.

Some Questions About

How is Libsyn going to compete with their competitors? What do they offer that differentiates them between the others? Why will potential users enter Libsyn, rather than searching for the independent podcasts? Are people really going to pay to use this service?