– Recommendations for Library Sites is an online resource for the recommendation of, and discussion about, library-related websites.

The goal of this not-for-profit site is to promote librarians and libraries across the country. This site relies on user-generated opinion to fuel its database and users can contribute by recommending a specific website or by rating the opinions of other users. Libsite offers a variety of ways for searching through their preexisting database of sites including by list of names, Google map, RSS feeds and e-mail alerts. Think of this site as an ideal place to visit the next time you need a good recommendation for a library to go to in your area and as a way for library users to give a little bit back by helping to promote the libraries that they love. In Their Own Words

“LibSite is a recommendation service for library-related websites. The goal is to show-case and otherwise promote what librarians and libraries are doing online. The goal also is to offer an environment where this information can be engaged, arranged and rearranged in any number of ways. For that reason, we offer ratings and favorites and listings whether by tag, title or feed.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

In many ways, the internet has wounded traditional libraries as it has made many of the resources previously offered exclusively at the library in a digital format. This site helps to increase library awareness, encourage libraries to think outside the box, and allows users to find the best library in their area.

Some Questions About

Have they considered future improvements to the service that could perhaps include the capability to reserve books from any library online and have them delivered in the post or in digital format? Would a subsection where users can review their favorite books help to increase traffic and overall interest in the site?