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LettersLater.comWe as people are naturally reluctant to think of our own mortality, but the truth remains that one day we will be here no more, and there is information that we are going to take to the grave. For example, what happens to our passwords when we have passed away? If we did not take any measures, that is information that will become lost forever. And that can have some disastrous consequences for our loved ones. They are not going to be able to open our email inboxes, they are not going to be able to access our Facebook accounts… that is going to be incredibly problematic for them.


That is why services like this one are so interesting and commendable. Essentially, we can define LettersLater as an application that integrates with these services that you are already using and notices if you stop using them. Once that has happened, it will try to contact you in several instances. And if these attempts are fruitless, then it will contact your loved ones and supply them with the relevant passwords, so that they can keep on accessing all the services that you were known to use.

In this way, you are ensuring your loved ones will be able to access all the information and data you kept in your favorite digital services. And LetterLater also lends itself to the sharing of secrets and words of wisdom. In Their Own Words

Create documents that will be sent to friends, family, and associates after you’ve passed. What will happen to all your passwords when you die, or notes you want to pass on?

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you ensure that your online personal accounts will remain accessible once you have passed away.

Some Questions About

What else can you transmit like this?

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