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LetsMix.comAs you can tell by the title of the review and by the name of the site itself, this is one resource aimed at a very specific audience: DJs . The Let’s Mix website is a new spot where they can meet up, socialize and share their latest creations both with peers and with people that happen to be passing by.


I suppose that the vast majority of people who are reading this already own an app or the other for mixing and remixing songs. But if you do not, then you will be pleased to know that a free app can be downloaded through the site. Not only does this app let you apply effects to any track you feel like editing, it also lets you upload the finished piece straight to the Let’s Mix website for all to listen. Besides, this app comes complete with full iTunes support so that finding a song or two for remixing will be anything but difficult. All that is required is having some imagination and ideas, and some time for making these translate into a compelling mix. In Their Own Words

“We wanted to find new music from our favourite dj:s and labels. But also be able to easily upload, manage and promote the mixes we do ourselves, without all the hassle of using different FTP sites, copy-pasting track lists to blogs and social networks – and still end up with something that looks like crap because it’s just a boring old download link.

Music is important to us, we want it to feel that way too.

So, one day, we thought ‘Maybe we should try to create that place ourselves. Let’s mix?’”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Aspiring DJs will have a splendid chance to hone their skills here.

Some Questions About

How many mixes are uploaded each day? Does anything go?

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