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LetsDrinkTonight.comWho wants to drink alone when there are services as cool as this one available? Let’s Drink Tonight makes it a cinch to find people who are up for downing a few lagers, and the way the service works these can be folks one is already acquainted with, or people he has before never met in his life. Let’s Drink Together can locate both kind of drinking buddies, and it can locate them fast and accurately.


All you have to do is to answer a couple of questions such as what’s your favorite alcoholic beverage and who’s the coolest person you’ve ever shared a drink with for the application to work its magic. And you must also make it clear whether you want to drink with someone you already know (and with whom you’re already friends on Facebook), or with someone new. You also have to set down your exact location – that isn’t done automatically.

Once all that information has been supplied, the app will text you with all the best matches it managed to find. You are the one deciding on who you’ll eventually go and prop up the bar with. In Their Own Words

Answer a few quick questions and we’ll connect you with friends (or strangers) in your area that want to meet up for drinks.

Some Questions About

What about adding some geo-location features? That could let users know not only who’s available, but also where to go in case they don?t have a clear destination in mind.

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