Let Your Inner Self Shine

Few things capture attention quite like the glimmer of a fine piece of jewelry.

But looking beyond this initial sparkle reveals an ugly truth about our favorite accessories: most jewelry is just so plain.  No matter how luxurious and timeless some pieces might be, the majority of jewelry you see these days is little more than yellow or white gold featuring simple, unimaginitive gem settings.

So while the pure shine might draw you in, very few pieces go deeper with their design elements.  There’s no real artistic flare in most cases that talks to you on an intimate level; instead, pieces are manufactured quickly and without much thought (other than profit).  Today’s jewelry leaves few opportunities for the wearer to be uniquely expressive – which is especially an issue for those who value individualistic style.

It’s time to bring flare back to the world of jewelry.  Introducing G&D Unique Designs: an up-and-coming online fine jewelry store with a commitment to unique, appealing design.

G&D’s creations take the concept of fine jewelry much deeper than today’s cookie-cutter designs do.  An embodiment of the Founder & designer’s personal passions, they represent a true form of art – along with a love for music and obsession with detail.  This is expressed throughout a diverse product range that includes 14K-18K pendants, gold rings, and more.

Above all, the company’s jewelry is crafted to create a moving experience for those who grace them – bringing our their inherent beauty while not straying from self-expression.  Custom pieces are available upon request, too.

G&D utilizes a proven, perfected process to deliver this for customers each and every time.  Each piece begins with a hand-drawn sketch by their talented designer, involving many hours of intricate pencil strokes.  The intended stone is then closely scrutinized against the sketch (ensuring aesthetic and measured perfection), and then decorated with precisely-chosen hand engravings.

Customers can browse and purchase jewelry in just seconds on G&D’s easy-to-use ecommerce store, with completely secure checkout and free shipping.  The site also includes sizing charts, care recommendations, and even an affiliate program for visitors who wish to sell G&D pieces in their own stores.  Satisfaction is guaranteed with each purchase and backed by 14-day returns.

Some of the more popular offerings you’ll find on the platform include:

The man behind the unique design is Gregory G. Simonov, a well-respected jewelry designer who founded the company in 2016.  Mr. Simonov has always been drawn to music as an art form – which he eventually intertwined into his career to create a new take on stunning jewelry.  Going forward, he hopes to continue expanding G&D’s reach through growth of the affiliate program and other marketing initiatives.

To see more of these beautiful products yourself and learn more about G&D Unique Designs, visit them online at https://www.gnduniquedesigns.com/.  The company can also be reached via email at [email protected].

Photos: G&D Unique Designs