search cancel -Forget to Remember -Forget to RememberBefore you magnanimously go running off to buy your special someone a Valentine’s gift, think first. Do you really know what will make him or her smile? Was it blue or black they like best? What size do they wear? Dark chocolates or milk? These are all careful considerations to be heeded by any good lover who wants to please their significant other.


If you’re a little foggy when it comes to the details, Less Memories can help. Less Memories is the site that remembers for you, hence the appellation. Simply sign up and start adding memories. Each memory is titled and saved. You can use it for everything – from grocery lists, to the great day in the park you had and wouldn’t want to forget. Once you’re box is filled with memories, you can search them. There are also addable tools such the Jott integration where you can leave your memories via phone. The toolbar/link button allows you highlight any text on a webpage and Less Memories will remember for you. Never forget again (Just try to remember your sign-in). -Forget to Remember In Their Own Words

“Need to remember what type of diamond rings your soon to be fiance likes? Record a memory.
At a conference? Everyone keeps handing you business cards? Record a memory for each person. In six months when you go through those cards, you’ll remember who everyone is.
Wish you could back up the Notes application on your iPhone? Use Less Memories instead.”

Why -Forget to Remember It Might Be A Killer

Less Memories is a good idea. The Jott integration really makes it worthwhile so you can simply phone in memories. It’s versatile, so it works as a sort of To-Do list as well as a journal. And the interface is easy, just like writing a note to yourself.

Some Questions About -Forget to Remember

Will Less Memories work? The idea is sound, but will users want to have to go through the trouble of signing in and typing notes? Most notes are written on-the-go with pen and paper. -Forget to Remember


Author : Bruce Turner

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