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LendInk.comLendInk is a platform that makes it possible for people to lend and borrow eBooks in just a couple of clicks. All they have to do is to post their lendable Kindle or Nook books for other to borrow, and search for the ones they are keen on reading both by title and by author. When they have found one they like, they can proceed to request to borrow it.


As you can see, this is as straightforward and simple as it gets. I did not mention that when looking books up you can actually specify the eBook format that would work out best for you, and that LendInk is a free service from start to finish. An account can be created simply by submitting your name, your email address and by picking a password.

An interesting site, and one that should realize its true potential when it goes multilingual and authors from all over the globe begin being represented in their native languages. In Their Own Words

LendInk lets you loan and borrow offically lendable eBooks for your Kindle and Nook.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Both those who have a Kindle or a Nook will be able to use LendInk to have a much broader selection of eBooks to pick from.

Some Questions About

When will the site be overhauled now? What will be changed first?

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