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LeGourmet.tvCalling all foodies! is going to be your new obsession.

With a classy and delicious tone, this site whets your appetite for knowledge and food at first site. LeGourmet features start to finish information and directions on how to master the fine art of beer, wine, cheese, BBQ, field to table delicacies, preserves and baking. The site is mainly comprised of streaming videos under each of the previously mentioned categories. Each week, new videos are posted on tantalizing topics such as the newest releases, “Chile Wine Fest” and “Deboning a leg of lamb.” There are also videos that highlight harvesting, tasting, wild locations and detailed recipe demonstrations. The videos are beautiful in design and execution and run seamlessly. Vibrant colors of setting and food truly entice the viewer to stay glued to the screen. Hungry? is awaiting you. In Their Own Words

“Le Gourmet TV, part of the Broadband Gourmet Network. A gathering place for foodies, gourmands, oenophiles, and anyone who is interested in fine food and drink. Slow Food, whole food, and great food ideas and recipes. Each week we will meet with winemakers, brewers, butchers, farmers, and anyone who works with food, wine, beer, and beverages.
Presented in a video on demand format, with streaming video of recipes, wine tasting, cheese tasting, food info, BBQ / Bar-B-Cue tips, charcoal tips, beer information, brewery tours, and vineyard tours. We will be baking, bread, cakes, pies. French cooking will be represented, and French recipes will find a place. Steak, meat recipes, vegetarian cooking, vegan cooking will all get representation.

Learn about: Malt, barley malt, hops, yeast, water, maltsters, malted barely, and wort. Learn about Brewery equipment including the: mash tun, lauder tun, brew kettle, uni-tank, and don’t forget barley wine.

We will share Cooking tips and tricks, field to table, butcher information, wild game, pickles, jam, jelly, jellies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is not only beautiful in presentation but has fascinating topics that rarely pop up on regular TV. The streaming videos are ideal teaching tools that keep the viewers focused and thirsty for more. Whether site visitors are food fanatics or love to cook, they will learn a lot and be excited for each new video release.

Some Questions About

Are there plans to offer a question and answer forum?