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LegitIt.comLegit It is a new resource that aims to let anybody promote his own website, but rather than having it voted or rated people are asked to “legit” websites and write recommendations for them. In this way, the trustability of any site can be established, and these brands that do really care about their customers will be able to get their dues.


The actual dynamics of Legit It are as easy as you imagine, as each website that is featured on this database has a legit count that is increased every time someone recommends it. The eventual aim of the site is to play the role of a true repository of legitimate resources on the WWW- that is, sites you can turn to with the knowledge that what you see is what you get.

While this system is open both to individual users and to commercial websites, there is no reason why it shouldn’t take off in both cases. Legit It is all about reputability, and that is something any person who is at a premium for anybody who is into the game. In Their Own Words

“ is a positive place to promote and recommend websites and/or businesses. Rather than a rating system or review system,’s primary focus is if a website is legitimate. You also have the option to write recommendations on websites.

The primary focus of is to help website owners promote their websites and to provide everyone a list of legitimate websites organized in categories.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The idea is appealing, if only because it puts all the power in the hands of customers.

Some Questions About

Will people take to it?

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