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LegallyNoted.comLegallyNoted is a new online resource that is primarily geared towards law students. We could convey its essence effectively by comparing it to a 24-hour virtual study group where active law students can come together and share information such as class notes, outlines and briefs.


They can also interact among themselves and develop successful class strategies in that way.

Financial worries and anxiety are common concerns for Law students. I know it all too well myself because a long time ago I was one. A resource like this one makes the learning aspect an easy one by giving them the chance to work in groups, socialize a little and grasp these concepts that are difficult to get through otherwise.

The actual contents of the site are divided and categorized by law school, class, and professor, and that makes everything findable from the word “go”.

Signing up comes at no cost, and a nice feature is that students can even generate an income by selling their lecture notes through the site. PayPal integration is provided to these effects. In that sense, it could be said that LegallyNoted promotes responsible behavior as far as putting notes together and sharing knowledge is concerned. In Their Own Words

“How many times have you been in class wishing the Professor would slow down long enough for you to jot down the application of the Erie Doctrine? Maybe you have a narcoleptic Professor who dozes off mid-sentence during a review of the Commerce Clause (Hey, it could happen!). Or worse yet, maybe you were forced to miss class due to work conflicts, illness, or alarm clock failure. This is where steps in. is an online law school note-sharing website.’s interactive setting allows law students to share notes, outlines, and class strategies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an effective way for Law students to interact among themselves, and those who are looking into generating an additional source of income will also be catered for.

Some Questions About

Which fees are there to be paid if you sell your notes through the site?

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