Legal Risk Services – Because, Really, No One Plans On Ever Being Arrested

How many people have you met in your life that plan on – or worry about – getting arrested?


No one, not even someone who knowingly breaks laws, thinks about going to prison. And why should anyone, especially law-abiding citizens? Well, the U.S. owns the ugly distinction of having the highest incarceration rates in the world. Young, old, from those committing civil disobedience to chronic criminals – we imprison our population like no one else.


The costs of arrest are many and expensive – reputation, legal fees, fines, lost wages… So, shouldn’t we all give arrest assurance a second thought?


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Yes, Legal Risk Services, Inc is a service provider for Legal Liability Protection, “the nation’s first ever form of Arrest Insurance.”


Legal Risk Services will come to your aid if your constitutional rights get trampled. They’ll handle bail if you get arrested and see that you have a criminal defense lawyer. They will compensate you for wages lost while attending court or while fighting lawsuits.


Legal Liability Protection covers individuals, their families, and their businesses. As the website astutely points out, we pay insurance for so many things (life, auto, death, health, etc.), that it doesn’t make any sense to not give second thought to protection against another devastating event that no one is truly prepared for.


It’s a complicated and fast changing world. Just ask Maria Sharapova, who suddenly finds herself knocked from the top echelon of professional sport and standing to lose millions for having failed to stop taking a now banned drug. While she might not being facing arrest or prison, her situation demonstrates how unexpectedly life can change for even the most well behaved and closely managed of individuals.


Convoluted international business rules, wrongful accusations, DUIs… There are so many ways to run afoul of laws, each with dire legal consequences. What would you do if you found yourself involved in such nightmares?


We could argue philosophically (and we probably should) over the country’s turning into a police state. It’s frightening. Legal Risk Services is a legit place to turn to ensure you have the proper resources should you face hearings, depositions, or other court proceedings. It’s also a growing national network where attorneys can make their services available.


It’s the stuff of bad movies, a night spent in jail waiting for bail or an attorney to arrive. Stay out of those pictures. Find the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll have the help you need should you ever be arrested, by visiting


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