LectureShare.com – Organize Your Classes Online


LectureShare.comIn college, there was nothing worse than jumping around from one professor’s website to another trying to figure out what on earth the reading was for that particular week. Luckily for the university students of today, LectureShare has created a space for professors to share their course information on one single website; course leaders can upload multimedia, documents, and class notes.

On the flip side, students can access LectureShare by logging into their account and viewing all the material for all of their courses on one page. Additionally, students can receive course notifications by e-mail, SMS text message, or RSS feed. Site registration is free for both professors and students.

LectureShare.com In Their Own Words

“LectureShare lets intructors post lecture notes to their students—or the world—quickly and easily. Create an account, create your course, and in only minutes you can be posting announcements, documents, and media that your students can access easily. There’s no frustrating software to learn, and no course web page to maintain. We feel instructors’ time is best spent with students, not struggling with problematic course management software or maintaining their own webpages”.

Why LectureShare.com It Might Be A Killer

LectureShare could be a lifesaver for students. It’s extremely frustrating to have to log in to five different professors’ webpages to try and track down course information, if your professors are even tech-savvy enough to have one. LectureShare eliminates this annoyance by allowing students to have access to all their course materials on one site and professors don’t’ have to jump through flaming hoops to keep their classes and corresponding materials organized.

Some Questions About LectureShare.com

What’s missing from LectureShare is a chat function. It would be great if the site provided a method for students to exchange questions and comments with professors and classmates. Does the site plan on adding a feature like this anytime soon? LectureShare.com