Learningfy.com – Webcam Classes & Lessons

Learningfy.comLearningfy is a new educational platform that lets students connect with teachers using their webcams, and engage in private 1-on-1 lessons.

The first class always costs the same ($ 5), and it is a prerecorded introductory class. If the student is satisfied with the teacher, then he can request to take further classes with him. These will come at a cost that the teacher himself will set down.

The classes that are offered on Learningfy can (and do) deal with just anything, Yet, it seems to me that a large number of them are language-oriented. Conversation, pronunciation and intonation skills are common currencies on Learningfy, as it is only suitable for a system in which you have live video as the main form of interaction.

And when it comes to picking a suitable teacher, that process is made all the more simple since you can read testimonials and see the ratings that other users of the site have left for these teachers they have already attended classes with.

Learningfy.com In Their Own Words

Learningfy connects teachers with students through $5 introductory classes.

Why Learningfy.com It Might Be A Killer

The price is just right, and you can learn virtually about anything through the site.

Some Questions About Learningfy.com

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