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Save Yourself! Learn How To Prevent Data Loss

Building your business relies on a constant advisory from your data files to see where you are profiting and failing, where you have come from and need to go, and most importantly it keeps your customer and employee files at hand. You need your data as much as you need your customers so you should treat it with the same delicate concern.



The internet and social media are very powerful marketing tools, but they can just as easily pose a dangerous threat to you and your business. Cyber attacks are becoming ever more common, and now is the time to step ahead of that threat and keep your valuables safe. Learn how to prevent data loss and save yourself (and your small business)!


This is not so much a warning as it is a fact of online reality. About one out of every four companies have received data loss in the past few years, which can be a major setback in a Startup all the way to a major corporation. Hackers have tampered with personal data files all the way to emails, and they are only getting more sophisticated in their meddling.


Stay On Top Of Things


Be confident in your security, and don’t let yourself fall behind the times. As the online world becomes more connected, the cyber attacks have more access to sensitive information. Breaches can come with a heavy toll, with an average of $200 for each item accessed, and up to $6.8 million for a total system hack. So it’s time to recognize the danger and begin to set up your preparations to keep these hackers at bay.

Stay In Control


It’s imperative to know your data. Dig deep into your own records and files and know what is not to be disclosed and what wouldn’t hurt your business if it was leaked. Know if losing or leaking this information could affect your profits, your marketing, and even your customers comfort and loyalty.

Foster Solid Communication


Also, keep everyone on the same page. Miscommunication and lead to error, so keep the policies clear and concise. Make a system that is easy to use, and can be referred to often. It will become second nature for your business to use the appropriate safety measures in protecting its files, and you can avoid big blunders.

Be Diligent!


Next, don’t overlook the small stuff. Yes you may be sleek and efficient working on the move with a mobile device, but they can pose a big problem as well. Manage these systems closely as well and make sure that nothing can fall through the cracks. Mobile devices can be secure as well, so make sure your whole team is on the same page with keeping the sensitive goodies transmitted in a secure manner. Sloppiness can catch up to you quickly, and the mobile world can easily be misused.



Now that you have your bases covered, always stay vigilant!


Don’t let your guard down just because things have been running smoothly for awhile. Look into outside help or training staff to keep evolving your policy to keep up with the times. Motes and high castle walls used to be effective, but things change. Don’t let yourself get caught in the past trying to piece together your data after a cyber blow. Put that guard up so you can stay focused on the improvements, not the rebuilding.



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Author : Rhys O'Neill

Rhys is a native Texan and a former U.S. Marine. He has always been passionate about writing and never forgoes the opportunity to continue fine-tuning his craft. He began at the age of 7 by starting his own community newspaper and has found many outlets in between from sports journalism to travel blogs, Rhys is rarely without pen in hand.

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