Leantime Is The Opinionated Project Management System for Startups

Entrepreneurs and folks who work in the corporate world frequently find that with every idea they have, they end up using the Lean Canvas template to test and validate whether they are on the right track.  Often, though, they find that what they end up with isn’t very ‘lean,’ which can look like post-it notes all over the office, messy and hard-to-read boards, and difficulty tracking where they are in the process. A lot of the available solutions have been systems that have been too simple or quite complex, doing either only a fraction of what users needed – or way more than wanted and requiring too much set up. Enter Leantime.

Leantime is an opinionated project management system for startup minded teams, combining the fundamentals of design thinking, lean principles, and agile practices into one comprehensive and decisive system that allows startups and small teams to quickly and easily ideate, plan and execute from start to finish. Designed to be plug and play, Leantime allows users to manage their ideas and tasks in one place, and eliminate wasted time.

As simple and user-friendly as dragging-and-dropping your To Do list, Leantime allows users to:

  • Ideate their solutions, test their assumptions and innovate effortlessly, and then turn their research into To Dos they can build;
  • Execute their solutions and communicate progress with their team, investors, and clients;
  • Learn more about their team and progress with Leantime’s intuitive dashboard
  • Simplify both their business development and project management processes
  • Innovate, ideate, build and track all of their progress in a single easy to use system.
  • Build their products faster and more efficiently using the best practices of design thinking, lean and agile



Building a company while building a product is hard, and getting organized, staying on track, and delivering is even harder. Leantime know the ins and outs of starting up lean and can help you move from startup to enterprise. Signing up with Leantime is free for your first three users – no credit card required.