The Lean App Toolkit – Your Key To Building An App People Want

If you’re a startup Founder or thinking of becoming one, you’ve no doubt heard the expression “Fake it ‘til you make it.” Don’t adopt this mantra or strategy. Yes, there is value in learning as you go. Yes, confidence is important. But there’s also something to be said for having a concrete vision and plan in place before setting out and eventually squandering a whole lot of time and money.


Few fakers ever make it.


The Lean App Toolkit equips entrepreneurs with the information that they need to set forth on projects with a much better chance of finding success. The Lean App Toolkit “uses Lean Startup methodologies to provide a step-by-step plan for validating an app idea and defining an MVP.”


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This plan includes over 50 pages of instructions on how to develop your app, validate your business plan, and to progress while minimizing your effort and expenses. This may not sound like the flashiest of solutions. It offers no guarantees as do so many other tools. Which speaks well for its trustworthiness and good intentions.


Ready to roll up your sleeves and work? Great. The Lean App Toolkit hopes to serve as your guide along the way, preventing you from making avoidable mistakes and miscalculations.


Only fools don’t seek expert advise. Here, instead paying a fortune for help or banging your head against the wall trying to figure out where to turn for assistance, you have experts literally in your hand via this useful manual. And it’s free!


The Lean App Toolkit’s author, Paul Keck (Co-Founder at BOUNDLESS) leverages 35 years of software building experience – helping startups to clarify their ideas, find solutions, and build their apps – to help entrepreneurs build an app that people will actually want to use.


The toolkit is meant to supply a foundation for mobile and web app businesses, businesses that generate revenue from day one. Yeah. Leave the pipe dreaming to the fakers. Start out thinking about making money, which will pressure you to build something people value and position you to control the fate of your startup.


Having a tough time finding actionable advice? Not into courses or trying to gauge the worth of so many tools available online? The Lean App Toolkit is a compact guide and bridge to resources that can set you on the right path to building a successful app.


Learn more or get the toolkit here.

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