Lead Generation Ideas – Increasing Your Email List Using Social Media

You probably use social media every day to talk with your friends and comment about a product or service you have just used. E-mails on the other hand are generally reserved for a more private and personal conversation.

Communicating with e-mail with your customers adds a personal touch to your customer service or promotional campaigns.

Lead Generation Ideas – You can use your social media contacts to increase your e-mail list by requesting their address so you can cultivate this personal relationship.

Privacy Policy

When you request the e-mail of a potential customer you have to assure them their privacy is as important to you as it is to them. When someone gives you the e-mail address they are entrusting you with information they consider important to them.

If you don’t have a privacy policy regarding e-mail requests you will most likely not receive any e-mail addresses. 

Social Media Sites

No matter which type of social media site you use link it to your landing page with the sign-up form with your profile information. Include the company and personal profile of all your employees to generate a buzz and interest in signing up for newsletters or other materials which requires an e-mail address.

Email Widgets

Just because someone visits your social media page does not mean they will automatically give you their e-mail address. An e-mail widget is a subtle reminder to your visitor to give you their e-mail address so they can communicate with you directly. Display your widgets prominently without overwhelming the rest of your content.

Promotions And Contests

If you run a promotion with a prize that is worthy of an e-mail address on your social media page you will succeed at increasing your e-mail list dramatically. Choose a popular product which will generate interest and increase the word-of-mouth by using Twitter, Facebook or other social media.

Fan Conversion

If you have dedicated fans following your social media sites you can request their e-mail address so you can offer them opportunities for free items, promotional events and discounts.


If you’re introducing a new item or service you can request e-mail addresses and offer this information exclusively to subscribers. This can also be applied to information that is not available to anyone else such as sales, limited run items or providing exclusive content.

Retaining Your E-mail List

The hard part of obtaining an e-mail is ensuring that the subscriber doesn’t opt out because you’re not providing enough engaging material. You can use different auto reply methods to automatically respond to current and new subscribers with personal messages regularly without becoming a nuisance. The biggest reason people opt out of e-mail subscription is for receiving too much information that is not relevant. Create quality newsletter content with suggestions, questionnaires and surveys about your products so you can gauge the response level and change your content accordingly.

E-mail does not carry the same weight for every organization. If it is a fundamental part of how your organization communicates with your customers do not hesitate to offer incentives which will obtain email addresses.

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