Lead Assign – The Easiest, Simplest Way To Route Leads To The Most Applicable Agents

Lead generation, lead management, team members who coordinate the handling of leeds – these are all wonderful for a business to have, but none of them impact the health of sales nearly as much as how quickly leads receive attention from the right people.


The team behind Lead Assign points to studies which “show that responding within 5 minutes increases the chances of reaching a lead by 100 times. And with 35-50% of sales going to the vendor that responds first, timeliness, and accuracy of lead distribution become the most important factors in converting leads into sales.”


So, how do you beat the ticking clock and expertly address all of your precious leads?


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Lead Assign is a lead-routing system that puts you in full control of your leads. It’s simple, smart, and easy to customize.


Proprietary parsing technology assures that leads go directly to the appropriate agents in real time, enabling lightening fast responses. Based on keywords or priorities that you input (location, price, etc.) Lead Assign intelligently distributes leads where they should go.


The system saves the time it would take to discuss (or argue over) who should accept a lead. What’s more, agents don’t need to have any special software or be logged into an account to engage the lead – Lead Assign sends leads via SMS or email so that they can be dealt with on the fly.


Lead Assign can feed leads into the CRM systems you rely on if you like. It supports tracking, feedback, and reporting, but it’s designed to keep administration light and to see that incoming leads are handled as efficiently as possible.



Sign up for an account is free, while the cost for a brokerage with about 100 agents is approximately $200 per month. That’s roughly $2,800 cheaper than SalesForce. Thanks to low overhead and simplicity, Lead Assign offers businesses a cost-effective way to automate lead distribution.


“There are many software suites out there that promise to capture all of your sales leads, and provide you with in-depth reporting. But they all seem to fall short when it comes to the intelligent assignment of leads,” says Lead Assign Co-Founder, James Palmer.


It takes just seconds for Lead Assign to dispense inquiries from any channel to the right agent. Every time.


Ready to consolidate, assign and convert your leads without hassle or delays? Get started on a 30-day free trial or learn more about the application at leadassign.com.


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