KillerStartups – The First Augmented Reality Browser

Layar.euThis is a nice solution you will find very interesting and that could be certainly useful if you want to get images of the where you are located. Layar.

eu will be soon here to give you the first augmented reality browser in the world.

This is a novel application you can use from your mobile phone without having to pay anything for it. The way this solution works is very interesting because it gives you a clear image of your surrounding environment, through real time digital information combined with reality using your mobile phone’s camera.

You just need to hold your phone in front of you and you will get precise data at the bottom of the screen. The most interesting thing about this site is the fact that you will see information about on sale properties, bars and restaurants, as well as other useful information in a simple way. Therefore, this is like an intelligent browser that is based on satellite images and Google technology. The system adds content layers over the real images with direct information from web pages like in the normal browsers.

Layar allows you to switch layers easily and it has a radar widget to give you an overview of the place you are looking at. There are many other interesting features you will be able to learn about after you visit this site where you can take a look at a video in order to know how this system works. In Their Own Words

“Layar is for now only available for Android devices. Layar will be available for free download in Android Market soon. Get notified when Layar launches and leave your contact details”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This system will certainly change the way people searches for a wide assortment of things in a determined geographic area.

Some Questions About

When is this solution going to be openly launched?

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