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Not Sure How To Wash That New Shirt? Laundry Day Can Help!

Today’s Killer Startup: Laundry Day





Elevator Pitch:

Laundry Day reads the care symbols on your clothing and tells you exactly how to wash them.


Why It’s A Killer Startup

Did you know that there’s an entire language of laundry care symbols? Seriously, it goes way beyond “dry clean only” and “wash with like colors.” If you take a look at the label of any piece of clothing, you’ll notice a whole bunch of symbols that may as well be trying to communicate with an alien race, for all you can tell. And because you don’t know WTF they say, chances are you’re messing up your clothing and you don’t even know it.


Well, Laundry Day is here to help! The app is a care symbol reader that tells you exactly what each of those weird little symbols is trying to say. You just scan the symbols on a tag, and Laundry Day will tell you what they mean. In the case of much-loved clothing that has almost unreadable tags, or if you just have bad lighting, you can input the symbols manually and Laundry Day will let you know what those say too.


Not sure exactly what to do with that silk top your mom bought you? Unclear whether or not you really need to hand wash those pants? Clothing today comes in so many different materials, and they all need their own particular kind of washing. I know that I personally have destroyed many a nice piece of clothing by either not reading the tag or just straight up ignoring it. Don’t make the same mistakes I have! Download the Laundry Day app and make sure that you’re washing your clothing correctly, so it’ll last as long as possible.



Deciphering those symbols on your clothing tag can be like trying to read hieroglyphics. Get the Laundry Day app instead.


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